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As a North East Wedding Photographer we've had the honour to photograph some truly beautiful weddings in some of the loveliest venues thoughout the North East. From the Borders of Scotland to the Yorkshire Dales and Tynemouth to The Lake District, we've photographed weddings at some of the largest 'and' some of the smallest venues in the area. The larger venues include places like, Wynyard Hall, Langley Castle, Lartington Hall, Middleton Lodge, Eshott Hall, The Lodore Falls Hotel and Lumley Castle, the smaller but equally lovely venues include, Eslington Villa, Roker Hotel, South Causey Inn, The George Hotel at Piercebridge, Little Haven and The Derwent Manor Hotel, to name but a few. The list goes on and on but no matter how big or how small the venue or the wedding, I can honestly say we've loved them all. 

The wedding photos you see on our weddings page are just a small selection from some of those lovely weddings and our equally lovely couples, on what they all agree was the best day of their lives. You can also read some of the nice things our lovely couples have had to say about us on our about page. 

Working as a team of two photographers, we'll cover the whole of your wedding day from getting ready through to your first dance, our aim is to capture the love, happiness and emotion of your special day, along with the tiny details and and moments you might miss while you're busy being Bride & Groom. As your day unfolds we'll be there to capture it all, working in a relaxed, natural way, with a stunning blend of contemporary and reportage style photographs.

We are fully insured and Lorraine holds an enhanced CRB certificate. RSI

If you'd like to see more of what we have to offer, please pop over to our Facebook Page which I try to keep updated and if you're planning your wedding and are still looking for your North East Wedding Photographer, please get in touch to check availability of your date. It would be lovely to have  a chat about your wedding photography and have the opportunity to show you some of our most recent work along with a few sample albums.

You can contact me on 07518 867029 or by leaving a message on the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you. Lorraine

Suzanne & Adrian - Eshott Hall Wedding

We have spent 2 hours looking at wedding photos and I can honestly say we had the best photographer! Lorraine Wight Photography did the most amazing job and we highly, highly, recommend her. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she is sooo sweet. Feeling so lucky! 

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